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WIO Lichen Branches 5-30 cm 100g

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  • Description

    Imagine the serene beauty of a forest captured in miniature form, ready to adorn your terrarium, paludarium, or glass bowl. Our Lichen Branches are a testament to nature's artistry, featuring carefully selected branches adorned with dried lichens that retain their form and shape. They exude the essence of a true forest, adding a touch of natural mystique to your scapes.


    Why Lichens?

    Lichens are unique organisms, a fascinating fusion of fungi and algae. In nature, they grow on various surfaces, from tree branches to rocky outcrops, contributing to the delicate balance of ecosystems. These ancient organisms are not just visually appealing; they also have ecological significance.


    The Beauty of Lichen:

    Lichens showcase an array of colors, textures, and forms, and our Lichen Branches capture this diversity flawlessly. From powdery whites to earthy greens and enchanting blues, the colors of lichens will breathe life into your miniature landscapes. Their velvety textures and intricate patterns mimic the enchanting details of a lush forest, while their whimsical forms bring an aura of tranquility to your creations.


    Assorted, Natural, and Versatile: Each bag of Lichen Branches, available in 100 grams within our 5L bags, is a treasure trove of nature's wonders. These branches, each measuring less than 30 cm, offer versatility and limitless creative potential. Whether you're crafting a rainforest-inspired paludarium or an enchanting woodland terrarium, our Lichen Branches are the perfect finishing touch to your masterpiece.

  • Characteristics

    • Type: Natural Branches with Dried Lichens
    • Size: Less than 30 cm in length
    • Presentation: 5L bags containing 100 grams of branches
  • Usage

    • Natural Ground Cover:
      • Scatter Branches Lichen across the substrate to simulate the forest floor.
      • Use them as bedding for miniature plants to create a lush, woodland setting.
    • Tree Canopy:
      • Attach Branches Lichen vertically to simulate the canopy of a majestic forest tree.
      • Combine them with our Cork Branches to craft lifelike, multi-tiered tree structures.
    • Decorative Focal Points:
      • Create standalone lichen-covered branches to serve as eye-catching centerpieces.
      • Accentuate your landscape with natural and visually appealing elements.
    • Artistic Driftwood:
      • Attach Branches Lichen to driftwood or rocks using aquarium-safe glue.
      • Craft intricate, moss-covered driftwood pieces for a captivating  terrestrial setup.
    • DIY Branch Formation:
      • Use adhesive to join Branches Lichen together, forming larger, more intricate branches.
      • Attach them to our Cork Branches for a truly natural and dynamic appearance.
    • Moss Gardens:
      • Pair Branches Lichen with live lichens as our Reinder Moss or mosses from our Flora line for a harmonious blend of textures and colors.
      • Design captivating moss gardens or fairy tale-inspired landscapes.
    • A Touch of Wabi-Sabi:
      • Embrace the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi by incorporating Branches Lichen into your design.
      • Achieve a sense of rustic simplicity and appreciation for the beauty of imperfection.
    • Custom Backgrounds:
      • Use Branches Lichento add depth and realism to your terrarium or paludarium background.
      • Combine them with our Background Cork to create an immersive and lifelike environment.
    • Hiding Technical Elements:
      • Conceal tubes, wires, or other technical components within your setup.
      • Achieve a seamless and natural appearance while maintaining functionality.
    • Endless Creative Exploration:
      • Experiment with different placements, angles, and arrangements.
      • Let your imagination run wild, and discover new ways to elevate your miniature landscapes.
    • Dry Areas: Best suited for drier areas of your habitat, as they prefer less humidity.




WIO design and deliver exquisite natural spaces and sceneries that excite, re-engage  and re-link people and nature while improving their wellbeing.

Our creations rebuild our ancestral bond with nature enabling an active interaction with their ecosystems well beyond passive observation.

Our solutions-just like nature itself – are efficient, self-sufficient and sustainable ecosystems easy to maintain.

They are designed and build on nature’s equity enabling nature joy indoors and outdoors like never before.

Delighting our clients and the public with nature is our top priority: nature is priceless and irreplaceable.


Preserve and admire nature is our most precious legacy.

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