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ADA DOOA Jungle Soil (700ml)

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Art.nr: 157-003
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Jungle Soil from DOOA is a natural substrate with moderate nutrient content to grow plants in paludariums and aquaterrariums. It is used for building up the substrate bed. It contains black soil and anthracite powder and is blended with active soil microorganisms which are effective for plant growth. This combination contributes to healthy plant development and promotes increased root formation. Jungle Soil is ideally used as a top layer on top of a base layer of the coarser Jungle Base.

Jungle Soil is directly applied to the aquarium as a top layer of soil without rinsing it. The Soil is spread evenly as a top layer on a layer of Jungle Base in such a way that no unsightly layer formation is visible in the front view.

Amount of Jungle Soil
For Paluda System 30 1 bag of 3 liter
For System Paluda 60 2 bags of 3 liter

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