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Blue-Green Slime Stain Remover Cyano / BGA 20gram

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“Blue-Green Slime Stain Remover”

UltraLife Blue Green Slime Stain Remover is a revolutionary time tested product, that will efficiently and safely remove Blue Green Slime Stains from your freshwater aquarium.  One of the most significant challenges with freshwater aquariums is that creeping blue-green slime that appears over time, but now there is a solution. Ultralife Blue-Green Slime Stain Remover has been specially formulated to combat the problem of blue-green slime, using a secret mix of natural ingredients, supplements and biological accelerators to provide the ultimate blue-green slime stain remover. It is easy to use, just mix a small amount of aquarium water, with the appropriate amount of product, using the included measuring spoon according to your aquarium size, and then merely add straight to your aquarium water. There is no need to change the water or filtration system, making this an impressively practical solution that can be accomplished in minutes. It is entirely safe for all freshwater aquariums, and available in several sizes to keep your aquarium slime free. The safe formula is harmless to fish and corals, but it is also safe for beneficial macro-algae and nitrifying bacteria. UltraLife BGSSR will accelerate the solubilization and biological digestion of organic solids. In the process, the oxygen uptake rate in your aquarium will increase as a result of this increased biological activity.It is critical that your aquarium can support this increased oxygen demand along with your aquatic life’s need for oxygen. Therefore we recommend increasing your O2 levels by the addition of airstones before and during treatment.For best results, DO NOT turn off UV Sterilizer. No need for Water changes or Removal of Carbon Filtration.Contains NO ALGAECIDES OR ERYTHROMYCIN SUCCINATEKEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDRENFOR AQUARIUM USE ONLYWARNING: MAY EFFECT PH AND OXYGEN LEVELS

Available in three sizes:

15 Gallon - Nano

150 Gallon

1000 Gallon

Directions:Thoroughly mix 2 level spoonful for every 15 gallons of aquarium water with a small amount of water from the aquarium to be treated. Pour dissolved solution into the aquarium. Repeat after 48 hours if necessary. Wait at least one week before additional treatments, if necessary.

20gram rekker til ca 600 liter akvarie 

SDS Report


UltraLife Reef Products began almost three decades ago; Our objective was to give hobbyist’s the tools needed to succeed in this ever-changing hobby.  UltraLife has been manufacturing innovative, high-quality products for aquariums and ponds for over 25 years and has become one of the top manufacturers in the industry.
Over the years we at Ultralife decided to concentrate on finding solutions to common issues that reef keepers often encounter, such as RED SLIME or maybe BLUE-GREEN SLIME. How do you catch that Mantis shrimp? ZAP, just got shocked by stray voltage, now what? Worms taking over your reef? How about an Affordable but very effective ozonizer? An ATO that can handle up to 10Amps. Tired of those Water Changes? We have all the Solutions for your Success in the hobby.
At UltraLife we strive to provide Excellent quality and service to our customers.
UltraLife has the experience and knowledge to provide you with the helpful information necessary for your continued success in the diverse world of aquatics.
Every product we produce is thoroughly tested and used by our staff so that we can answer any questions regarding the products. A product that can’t fulfill our quality requirements never reaches our customers.
Our email address (sales@ultralife.com) and phone contact (203-922-0066) are always available for any questions from our customers. Whether you are an advanced aquarist with many years of experience or new to the hobby, you will be delighted with our high-quality equipment.
We are a wholesale only company, but feel free to call with any questions and check out our “where to buy” page to find quality companies that sell our products, always at competitive prices.

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