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GlasGarten Liquid Mineral GH+ 100 ml

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Art.nr: GG-LMGHP-100
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GlasGarten Liquid Mineral GH+ 100 ml

  • important minerals and trace elements
  • for vitality and well-being
  • easy to dose
  • ideal for bee shrimps, tigers etc.

Liquid Mineral GH+ is a liquid mineral salt for the treatment/remineralization of osmosis water, demineralized water, rainwater and soft tap water. It adds vital minerals and trace elements to your aquarium water and increases the total hardness (GH).

Liquid Mineral GH+ is based on an original Japanese recipe. The minerals and trace elements contained are suitable for the keeping and breeding of shrimps from soft water habitats, such as bee shrimp and their breeding forms, tiger shrimp, bumblebee shrimp, etc. and promote well-being, magnificent colors, reproduction and healthy growth.

In addition, Liquid Mineral GH+ supports the important microbiology in the aquarium, for biofilm and effective work of the filter bacteria in the substrate and aquarium filter. Good water quality and a clean environment near the bottom are particularly important so that your shrimp feel comfortable and are healthy and active.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Easily and quickly create ideal water values ​​for bee shrimp and co
  • for vitality, healthy growth, strong colors and good reproduction rates
  • promotes the activity of the filter bacteria in the aquarium filter and substrate
  • supports the formation of growth (biofilm) that the shrimp love
  • is very rich in important calcium and magnesium
  • creates the best conditions for problem-free molting
  • with natural trace elements
  • for long activity of soil substrate as there is no carbonate hardness
  • Easy to dose, simply stir briefly into water and you're done
  • highly concentrated for easy dosage and long range

Bee shrimp and the like originally come from habitats with soft water and a pH value of less than 7. They are usually small, shallow streams with sandy or stony bottoms and a lot of foliage. The water flows at a moderate or fast speed depending on the weather.

We cannot recreate these conditions 1:1 in our home aquariums. There is always only a certain amount of water that goes “in circles”. Leftover food, excretions, etc. create pollutants that can quickly accumulate in the aquarium because they are not removed by fresh running water, as is the case in nature. In the aquarium, we must therefore particularly promote microbiology so that the water is cleaned as quickly and adequately as possible.

Minerals and trace elements are also essential (vital) for filter bacteria. They become inactive when there is a mineral deficiency and the water quality can quickly deteriorate. Shrimp (and other bottom dwellers) in particular suffer from a poor environment in or on the bottom. For example, they can lose their coloring or have molting problems. The immune system can also be weakened, making them more susceptible to illness and bacterial infections.

The water should therefore be hardened with Liquid Mineral GH+ to at least a total hardness (GH) of 5 so that there are sufficient minerals in the water. We achieve best results in our breeding facility at a GH of approx. 6.

Our tip:
When keeping and breeding bees etc., you should aim for a pH value of less than 7. Liquid Mineral GH+ has no direct influence on the pH value. For water values ​​without carbonate hardness, the pH value is very easy to adjust because carbonate hardness is not a pH buffer. Alder cones or some foliage can lower the pH to the desired range. Keepers and breeders often use an active soil substrate, such as our “Environment Aquarium Soil”. This sets the pH value below 7 and keeps it stable for a long time thanks to its buffering capabilities. If soil is not used, humic substances should be used for pH buffering.

As already mentioned, there is a lot of foliage in the water in the habitats, which means that it is enriched with humic substances. Humic substances are very important and not just because of their buffering ability for the pH value. Take a look at our “Liquid Humin+”. There you can read interesting things about humic substances.

7 drops (approx. 0.47 ml) of Liquid Mineral GH+ per 1 liter of water increase the total hardness by approx. 6 °dH and the conductivity by approx. 280 µS (microSiemens). Simply stir it briefly into water and you're done.

Contents / range:
100 ml, dosing bottle with drip insert
100 ml is sufficient for approx. 212 liters with a total hardness (GH) of 6 °dGH.

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