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Oase CrystalSkim 350

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Art.nr: 86942
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  • Unabstrusive Design
  • Easy to adjust
  • Baby-Saver for securing shrimp
  • Removes residue film reliably
  • Iclusive power cable and suckers


The CrystalSkimm Surface Skimmer from Oase ensures a crystal clear surface. The unobtrusive and shapely design of the surface skimmer makes it ideal for use in a wide variety of aquariums. The skimmer can be individually adjusted to the respective needs and reliably removes residues in the aquarium. The Oase CrystalSkimm Surface Skimmer is available for 350 and 600 litre aquariums.

Technical Data

Oase CrystalSkim - 350
Max. flow rate 300 l/h
Power consumption 4,5 W



Oase CrystalSkim - 350
Diameter 39 mm
Height 116 mm
Cable length 2 m
Suitable for aquariums up to 350 litres



  • Recommended for aquariums: up to 350 liters
  • Dimensions without holder (DxH): 36 x 116mm
  • Filter flow in litres/hour : 230 – 320 litres
  • Power: 4.9 watts
  • Weight: 210 g
  • Warranty: 3 years


Key Features

  • Removes both biofilms and duckweed
  • Keeps the water's surface clear and clean
  • Long maintenance intervals and added safety for aquarium inhabitants
  • Characteristic

    • INNOVATIVE SURFACE SKIMMING: Our skimmer quickly and effectively frees the aquarium surface of the aquarium from floating substances such plant remains and, of course, from annoying biofilm
    • IMPROVED GAS EXCHANGE: A thick biofilm makes gas exchange more difficult – with the CrystalSkim, this situation can be significantly improved for the good of all aquarium inhabitants
    • AFTER PLANT TRIMMING: After aquarium plants are trimmed, the skimmer conveniently catches even the finest plant fragments, which are easy to miss with a dipping net
    • INDIVIDUALLY ADJUSTABLE: The powerful motor is individually adjustable and ensures a crystal-clear water surface at just the right output
    • COMPACT AND DISCREET: The discreet, compact and modern design of the skimmer lets it fade into the background
    • HIGH SAFETY: An integrated collection basket ensures the safety of the aquarium inhabitants by making sure they can never get into the skimmer. This can also be removed if desired
    • LONG SERVICE INTERVALS: The floating ring ensures a long service life without having to refill water


3+1 år Garanti på Oase produkter 

Here at OASE, we've always had a passion for water and for aquatic environments and design that meet the highest possible standards of technical precision – ever since 1949. We are designers by trade and composers at heart, both when it comes to creating fascinating water scenes in gardens and aquariums and in the field of professional fountain and water technology. From idea to implementation, from function to fascination, from technical to biological – we offer innovative presentations, smart products, premium quality and pure convenience, all under one roof.

OASE in numbers

Founded 1949  
About 850 employees around the world 
18 operational subsidiaries 
7 production sites 

Emotional engineers

At OASE, developing and manufacturing first-class products is the means to the true end: staging living spaces in water and touching, moving, inspiring and preserving. To this end, our specialists work together across different departments to find the best solution – with expertise, creativity and passion. 
The result? Energy-efficient innovations and top-quality, smart solutions. We put these regularly to the test in our in-house testing labs. We make no room for compromises, ensuring we stick to the OASE quality promise.

Creative composers

It is our job to compose a customised symphony of product system, convenience and individuality. Each component of the ensemble has to be perfectly in sync: the technology, the design and the design elements, such as water or light. Adding the right touches so that you can design a unique living space is something very close to our hearts. We help nature to preserve its own power and impact.  

Everything from a single source

At OASE, you receive all components from a single source; with high-quality technology and top-class processing by experienced specialists. We set the stage for living spaces: from outdoor areas for water gardens as well as irrigation and drainage, through to indoor areas with aquariums or high-quality design elements such as biOrb; up to large stages with light and fountain installations alongside water technology for professional use, such as lake therapy. We offer you the most emotional way to experience "Made in Germany". 

Indoor Solutions

OASE aquariums and the unique biOrb design objects transform every home into a world full of inspiration and fascination, thanks to their uncompromising, high-quality equipment and perfectly coordinated accessories.


Outdoor Solutions

In our OASE water worlds for gardens, terraces and balconies you will also find everything you need for small water features, swimming ponds of all sizes and professional koi ponds – from their construction, operation and maintenance to accessories, decoration and smart control. 


Professional Solutions

We offer holistic system solutions, from professional water therapy to unique lighting and water attractions. The inspiring installations by OASE can now be found in over 100 countries around the world. 


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