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Wio Amber Roots 140g, 10 - 40cm

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Introduce an alluring warmth to your aquatic or terrarium landscapes with Amber Roots! These captivating roots are not just twisted but come with a gorgeous natural amber hue that instantly elevates the visual appeal of your setups. Amber Roots are a versatile and eye-catching addition to aquariums, paludariums, terrariums, and planted glass bowls of all sizes.

  • Description

    Naturally crafted into complex shapes featuring intricate twists and widths, these roots captivate the eye with their beautiful amber color.

    To ensure they fit in harmoniously with your creations, they come in various sizes and are ideal for adding a nuanced touch of warmth to your aquatic and land-based habitats.

  • Key Points

    • Beautifully captivating twists and varying widths
    • Natural amber hue for a striking visual impact
    • Adds artistic depth and dimension to various types of nature spaces
    • Come in various sizes, offering flexible design options
  • Characteristics

    • Color: Natural amber
    • Material: Natural wood
    • Size: Various sizes available from 10-40cm
    • Water hardness: Does not affect water hardness
    • Packing: Available in eco-friendly bags of mixed sizes of 140g
  • Usage

    • Preparation: To restore their flexibility, soak the roots in water for 24 hours before use. Rinse them with water to remove any lingering dust or debris.
    • Placement: To secure the roots initially, you may weigh them down using rocks or anchors until they become waterlogged and sink naturally.
    • Tannins: The roots may release tannins, enriching the water with a cognac-like hue. While this is not harmful, you can control it by frequent water changes or pre-treating the roots.
    • Care: Should white fungus appear during initial setup, remove it using a small tube; this usually resolves within a month.
    • Eco-Friendly: Our roots are 100% natural, safe for aquatic life, and aligned with WIO's sustainability practices.


WIO design and deliver exquisite natural spaces and sceneries that excite, re-engage  and re-link people and nature while improving their wellbeing.

Our creations rebuild our ancestral bond with nature enabling an active interaction with their ecosystems well beyond passive observation.

Our solutions-just like nature itself – are efficient, self-sufficient and sustainable ecosystems easy to maintain.

They are designed and build on nature’s equity enabling nature joy indoors and outdoors like never before.

Delighting our clients and the public with nature is our top priority: nature is priceless and irreplaceable.


Preserve and admire nature is our most precious legacy.

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