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WIO Centurion Wood Large 50 - 70cm

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Art.nr: 52236
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Centurion Wood is a deep, dark reddish-brown wood with intertwined branches,

creating an exciting layout full of textures and complex forms. Enhance your design with this intricate wood, and balance it with the tranquility of green plants.

  • Description

    Centurion Wood adds a vibrant and complex touch to your aquarium, paludarium, or terrarium. This deep, dark reddish-brown wood features intertwined branches that create a visually stunning layout, full of textures and intricate forms. A testament to care and tradition, Centurion Wood embodies the Mediterranean relationship between man and earth, with most pieces being over 100 years old!


    Complete your design with this captivating wood and bring balance to your habitat by pairing it with the coolness of rocks and the calming presence of green plants. Centurion Wood not only adds a striking visual element but also provides natural hiding spots and shelter for aquatic and terrestrial species.


    Please note that Centurion Wood releases tannins in the first month. It is highly recommended to submerge the wood in water for 3-4 weeks or boil it before use to prevent discoloration of the water. 

  • Key Points

    - Deep, dark reddish-brown wood with intertwined branches

    - Exciting shapes full of textures and complex forms

    - Ideal for any scape, including terrariums.

    - Available in a range of sizes including over 1 meter

  • Characteristics

    - Type: Natural wood

    - Color: Dark reddish-brown

    - Texture: Intertwined branches, complex forms

    - Wood Size: 20-60 cm

    - Water Tannins: Does release water tannins.

    - Packaging: Sold by piece. Available in Mix size.

  • Usage

    • Rinse the wood with water before use to remove any dust or debris.
    • Most woods are buoyant and need to be soaked for approximately one month to become waterlogged and sink. During the initial setup, use rocks, anchors, wood tight, or other methods to temporarily submerge the wood until it becomes fully waterlogged.
    • Woods may release tannins during the initial setup, giving the water a cognac-like appearance, similar to natural rivers like the Amazon. Tannins are not harmful to aquarium inhabitants but can be controlled through frequent water changes.
    • To minimize tannins during the initial phase, you can boil the wood for a few hours or submerge it in water for one month before adding it to your aquarium.
    • Saprolegnia, a white fungus-like growth, may appear on the wood during the initial stage. If it occurs, scrape and suction it out with a small tube frequently. It should naturally disappear within a month after the initial setup.
    • Woods may cause a decrease in the pH level of the water. It is recommended to maintain a minimum kH of 3 to create a buffer effect and regularly monitor the pH level.


    By following these usage directions, you can ensure a safe and healthy environment for your aquarium, paludarium, or terrarium inhabitants while enjoying the natural beauty that wood provides.



WIO design and deliver exquisite natural spaces and sceneries that excite, re-engage  and re-link people and nature while improving their wellbeing.

Our creations rebuild our ancestral bond with nature enabling an active interaction with their ecosystems well beyond passive observation.

Our solutions-just like nature itself – are efficient, self-sufficient and sustainable ecosystems easy to maintain.

They are designed and build on nature’s equity enabling nature joy indoors and outdoors like never before.

Delighting our clients and the public with nature is our top priority: nature is priceless and irreplaceable.


Preserve and admire nature is our most precious legacy.

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