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WIO Lichen Bites 1-10 cm 50 g

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Art.nr: 52405
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  • Description

    These tiny, dried lichens maintain their original shape and color, providing a touch of forest mystique to your indoor habitats. Crafted for both beginners and professionals, Lichen Bites offer limitless creative freedom, from designing tree canopies to concealing utility junctions.

    Why Lichens?

    Known for their resilience and ancient origins, lichens are the symbiotic blend of algae and fungi. They flourish in various natural environments, from woody forests to rocky terrains, contributing to ecosystem health. Lichen Bites encapsulate this ecological and aesthetic richness, bringing it directly to your indoor nature spaces.

    The Allure of Lichen Bites:

    Dive into the vivid colors and intricate textures that Lichen Bites bring to the table. Whether it's powdery whites, earthy greens, or captivating blues, these lichens are perfect for enlivening your micro-environments. Each pack of Lichen Bites comes with a diverse selection to stimulate your artistic imagination.

  • Dried natural lichen
  • Small pieces for easy application
  • Ideal for terrarium design
  • Variety of structures and colours
  • Key Points

    • Natural, dried lichens with preserved form and color.
    • Versatile applications, from tree canopy design to concealment of technical elements.
    • Avoid direct water contact and high-humidity areas for optimal longevity.
    • Each bag offers a rich variety of lichen types, opening the door to endless creative possibilities.
    • Available in eco-friendly bags containing 50 grams of assorted Lichen Bites.
  • Usage

    • Tree Canopy: Use Lichen Bites to simulate lush tree canopies, offering a 3D effect and natural depth.
    • Seamless Unions: Perfect for blending the junctions between two cork backgrounds, providing a more natural appearance.
    • Tech Concealment: Cleverly hide wires, tubes, or other technical elements in your setup, preserving the natural feel.
    • Accenting: Lichen Bites make excellent accents, adding character to any terrain features such as rocks or driftwood.
    • Dry Areas: Best suited for drier areas of your habitat, as they prefer less humidity.


WIO design and deliver exquisite natural spaces and sceneries that excite, re-engage  and re-link people and nature while improving their wellbeing.

Our creations rebuild our ancestral bond with nature enabling an active interaction with their ecosystems well beyond passive observation.

Our solutions-just like nature itself – are efficient, self-sufficient and sustainable ecosystems easy to maintain.

They are designed and build on nature’s equity enabling nature joy indoors and outdoors like never before.

Delighting our clients and the public with nature is our top priority: nature is priceless and irreplaceable.


Preserve and admire nature is our most precious legacy.

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