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Aquael Ultra Heater Day&Night 150w

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Aquael Ultra Heater Day & Night

Be alert day and night!

A heater suitable for the most sensitive aquarium inhabitants. The Day&Night system reproduces daily temperature changes like in a natural reservoir. An extremely sensitive thermostat ensures that the water is heated gradually so that the animals are not exposed to sudden temperature changes.


Is it possible to recreate the daily temperature changes in your own aquarium like in a natural aquarium? Thanks to the Day&Night system, this is easier than you think.

Select the appropriate heating operating mode and program the temperature. In the evening, a sensitive sensor reacts to reduced light. The heater automatically starts working in night mode and the water gradually cools down to the temperature set for night mode. However, when the sun rises, it begins to gradually warm up to the set temperature.

Gentle temperature changes
Living organisms are affected by rapid temperature fluctuations. For this reason, we have equipped our Ultra Heater Day&Night heater with an extremely sensitive electronic thermostat that works with an accuracy of +/- 0.25°C. As soon as the temperature in the aquarium drops, the heater automatically starts working and changes the water temperature to the programmed temperature.

What is important is that the water heating process runs smoothly thanks to the Smart Heating system. You avoid sudden temperature changes that expose sensitive aquarium inhabitants to stress.

Safety of sensitive aquarium animals
The Ultra Heater Day&Night heater is designed to distribute heat evenly. This happens regardless of the size of your tank.

The heater housing is made of unbreakable plastic that does not heat up. This guarantees safe use in aquariums with strong turtles and large fish.

The latest improvements and functionalities
The modern flat shape of the heater does not take up much space. You can read the current temperature at any time on a clear display. There you will also find the temperature range you have set.

Thanks to the double-sided suspension with two suction cups, the heater can be hung on the back, front or side wall of the aquarium. The thermostat display always remains visible as required.

The technology of intelligent selection of heating power, that is, the Smart Heating System, allows you to significantly reduce electricity consumption without losing the effectiveness of post-heating.

Day&Night product family
The UltraHeater Day&Night heater is another Aquael product designed to help reproduce the natural living conditions in the aquarium environment as best as possible.

Day&Night products simulate the temperature and light intensity changes typical of the daily cycle. According to them, many biological processes take place that are important for the proper functioning and development of living organisms.

available in 6 sizes:

  • 25 watts
    of power: 25 watts
    for aquariums of 10-25 liters
    length approx. 16.3 cm
  • 50 watt
    power: 50 watt
    for aquariums of 15-50 liters
    length approx. 16.3 cm
  • 75 watts
    of power: 75 watts
    for aquariums of 35-75 liters
    length approx. 20.8 cm
  • 100 watts
    of power: 100 watts
    for aquariums of 60-100 liters
    length approx. 20.8 cm
  • 150 watts
    of power: 150 watts
    for aquariums of 90-150 liters
    length approx. 27.4 cm
  • 200 watts
    of power: 200 watts
    for aquariums of 130-200 liters
    length approx. 27.4 cm

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